website / twitter links in the overpass api.

Hi, this is my first post on here. I am looking for a bit of advice for the website which I have been developing using leaflet js and overpass api data.

I have written about the way I have been extracting the data on my blog, and it has generated a number of questions on which I wanted to ask for advice and your opinion about the data in the aoverpass api / osm.

website urls

I wrote a post back in May about dodgy data in the website field

Many websites are listed without the [ https://] part

Is there a standard for these, or any error checking? this one eg has a phone number in the website field

twitter field

What is the correct way to store a twitter link? There is a mix of the following (ps. this is my twitter account, if you want to chat there or follow me :slight_smile:

I dont mind fixing these online, if there is a standard, just I am not sure what that standard is. The main problem is the websites missing the http(s) part, or should i just fix that on my side?

Kind regards