Weather Modeling Layer

Hey Guys,

I was looking for a weather modeling layer that allows me to see the regular weather layer stuff (clouds, precipitation, ect… at ‘real time’), but then plot out forecasted weather movements of the near sighted future. Is there a layer already that exists (if so, please link it :slight_smile: ), if not, what would you recommend I do to get that capability as a layer for OSM.



This is a question that hardly belongs in the OpenStreetMap forum… especially the part about real-time weather data is completely out of scope.

You should ask such a question on a weather related discussion forum. I have never visited one, but undoubtedly they exists, and I guess you yourself must know of several based on this question.

In terms of overlaying stuff on OSM: OSM is just a regular pre-rendered raster tile webservice, so any webmapping application developer should be able to ingest it and overlay some stuff on it. Just be aware that using the OSM tile services directly (and not setting up your own tile server) is bound to a number of legal restrictions.

How about OpenWeatherMap?