We need a website to use all the detailed POI information

OSM is great! Not only for having a map, but also for routing, and it has a lot of useful information like accessibility of restaurants or whether a restaurant offers vegan meals or has a diaper. I think there is nothing comparable to OSM. When you want to see where to go for a vegan meal, you check


If you are in a wheelchair, you check


If you want to see what is open at the moment, you check


But what if you need a wheelchair and want a vegan meal? Is there a map that shows you restaurants which are accessible with a wheelchair and offer vegan meals? Or you are in a group with a vegan, one person is in a wheelchair and one person with a coeliac disease (cannot eat gluten)? Is there a website to search for such a restaurant? I do not know such a website. I only know websites for restaurants that offer gluten free meals, but they have no further information like vegan meals or accessibility:




OSM has all the information (or can have) but there is no website to make full use of it. OsmAnd can filter for what you want and guide you to it.


But there seems to be no website for this. I can use


to search for what I want, but most people are not able to do this.

There are some more maps on websites that show some POI:





Why do we have a lot of websites with its own map to display data from the same database and are not able to combine it? I think there once was a website, osm24.eu, but it is offline.

So what is needed, instead of a lot of stand alone websites, is one website where one can select what POI to show, like restaurants, cafés, bakeries, ice-cream parlours … and filter for them, like vegan meals, accessibility, organic, gluten free or anything that is in the OSM database, and show all information of a POI. OSM is a database and we need a good user interface to access this database. It should be easy to use, helpful and with a beautiful design so people would love it. And it should be usable both on big screens and on small like mobile phones. And the best would be to have a routing service, too. Therewith, the public awareness of OSM would grow. Now people would see it jusd as a simple map, like Google Map, and ask “Why should I use OSM instead of Google Maps?”. But OSM can do a lot of things which Google cannot. So we should do it.

Of course not all information about a POI are already in the OSM database, but with a good user interface users will tag more POI with information.

ever heard about http://www.flosm.de/html/POI-Karte.html ?


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I did not know http://www.flosm.de/html/POI-Karte.html

But that is not all I want. First I want to select for example a bakery. But there is only food. Sure there is an extra icon for a bakery. But if you are searching for a bakery with organic offers, I would like only to show bakeries. Second I want to filter for example vegan and organic bakeries. I did not find an option for this on flosm.de Third, there is no routing.



should be “added” http://www.flosm.de/html/POI-Karte.html and an option to filter for all tags like diet:=, organic=, payment:=* wheelchair=* …

Maybe read along here.

Well, I wouldn’t put Graf’s request on the same shelf as that proposal. I think what Graf is looking for is a more user friendly way of extracting what is already available through overpass turbo and seperate routing engine. OpenPOI Map lets you also use free text queries but that is basically the same usability as overpass turbo.

This is a recurring discussion whether openstreetmap.org should also become a full-featured map application for end users or keep focusing on editing, mapper feedback and merely being a showcase for what you can do with the data, leaving applications to third parties. There are arguments for both sides and opinions vary.

osm24 is still available at:

It’s also open source, so you could help improving it:

I did not know osm24 is still available. osm24 is a good start, but it has to be improved. For example to find organic restaurants or bakeries, or a diaper. At the moment, I do not have any time but when I have time, I can take a look at it to help improving.

I am trying to make a general purpose mobile friendly OSM search website for end users. www.searchosm.com Currently I do not have functionality for wheelschair access but I could implement it and other features if there is interest.

You should try OpenPoiMap. Especially its UserPois are extremely powerful but require some more work on your side. Check the wiki!

Say two people go out in Berlin and one wants vegan and the other Japanese so you want to find a place that serves both you search like this:

Say you go out in Berlin and you want either vegan or Japanese

http://openpoimap.org did not load in Mozilla SeaMonkey. :frowning:

http://www.searchosm.com/ is too complicated. I cannot figure out how to get results for a Japanese restaurants with vegan food. The way how to choose POI in


is good. First you can select food, than you can choose from cuisine or diet or payment or else and combine it easily. Even to choose diet:vegan=yes or diet:vegan=only is possible. And it is easy to change afterwards. What I miss in searchosm is to search for a city. When you want to go to a city and want to know where to eat, you want to select the area of this city, not your home location. Sure you can move around the map, but that is not much fun.

What else I would like to search for on OSM is car parking, filtered for fee=no and access=yes (any idea why someone would like to search for access=private or access=customers?) or diaper or recycling:paper/recycling:cartons/recycling:cardboard

Then try taglocator (same program - development version, different server…)

(Absolutely no idea why seamonkey isn’t loading the other version)

http://www.taglocator.nl/ is working (http://openpoimap.org still not). Is it possible to select easily e.g. wheelchair accessible restaurants with gluten free meals? In a way everyone is able to use it? To set a overpass query is not suitable for most people. I can set one, but not my mother.

You can for example first select food in the menu and then type in “japanese vegan” in the textbox. If you type “japanese|vegan” you get Japanese OR vegan.

My idea is to have presets for the most common things people look for and for a little more advanced searches like combinations they can use the text field.

Maybe I should add presets for diets?

For wheelchair access a checkbox maybe?

For free public parking you select automotive->parking-free public parking. I just added it, can’t believe I forgot such preset.

I have also thought of a feature that lets you zoom in on a given city but can’t come up with a good way of doing it. Ideas welcome.

Do you think that most people know the | notation for or? Do you think most people would find this solution user-friendly?


is user-friendly because you do not need and knowledge. You see what you can select and you can easily select what POI you want to have and what filter you want to use and change it.

Not only programmers should use OSM, also normal people.

No I do not think the | notation is user friendly. It is there for the “advanced” user who wants to search for and/or combinations.

I find the menu on http://osmapa.pl/osm24/ messy, especially on the mobile, but it is very hard to make a menu for that many options easy. How do you find restaurants that serves Thai OR Chinese food? How do you find Honda car repair shops?

I would like to make that universial do-it-all super easy interface that requires no knowledge of OSM (or programming), but I do not know how.

Added wheelchair access as a “global” option. You can now search for wheelchair accessible vegan restaurants:

and wheelchair accessible gluten free restaurants:

It’s a work in progress.

Hello QWE, I like your site, great initiative!
What’s your terms and license in case one would like to use it in one’s own site?