Ways ID


As i understand a way consists with a least 2 nodes, but it’s normally big as a street? I exported some local map and i get a list of ways with the corresponding IDs. But the problem is that i only need a part of the way and that corresponding number. (part = from intersection to intersection, not the whole street) Example: Let’s say i have a street called Test Street with the ID of 1000. I would like this street split from intersection to intersection, each intersection with his own unique ID.


  1. Rule number one: do not split ways from the main OSM database and upload that splitting back, because only you need it and maybe no one other.

  2. You can download raw OSM data and split it in order to store this in an **own **database.

  3. Maybe what you need is a graph network … go to http://help.openstreetmap.org and do a search there for “graph”

  4. Tell us what you want to achieve with your solution and maybe we can help you better in detail.