Way to know how many nodes a user have created


We are working on a development project in Bolivia that is using OSM, now :I’m dealing with the inform and want to have an aproximate stimation on how many nodes we have digitalized.

I have already calculated the “Km added to the map” dowloading the data a treatin on a GIS but I was guessing if I can obtain a number of nodes introduced for a certain user/users, to get a better stimation of the quality of the data


I went to your edits page and summed your edits for the last week, you have edited and / or created 9012 nodes under the past week.

It should be fairly easy to write a script that retrieves the nodecount during a specific period for a user, using wget and reqex.

In this change set I got crazy and added 4651 nodes, after which potlatch gave up (Note that I did not map continuous for 7 hours straight, I took several long pauses and a walk with the dog).

I might give it a try, but I am bad at scripts.

Perfect that was what I was looking for I’ll have a look on the scriping