Way-icons with mapcss in josm

Hello, I am currently working on my first mapcss-style to display an icon at the end of a one-way street.

Basically, this also works with:

way[oneway=yes] >[index=-1] node::node267
icon-image: “icons/DE_267.svg”;
icon width: 20;
z-index: 1000;
icon-rotation: parent_way_angle() -180deg;
icon-offset-y: -20;
icon-offset-x: 0;

It is displayed on the correct path a little offset from the junction. The problem, which is also logical, if this node is used by 2 ways and both are a one-way street, the icon is only displayed on one of the streets, because of course it overwrites the layer of the node, because it’s called node267 on both streets.

Is there either a way to create a random layer_name for each of the two ways on the node?

I would not like to use repeat-image because I really only have the icon at the end of the way.

I hope I explained it clearly