Water in Toilets

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I just realized that a very handy tag would be to extend the toilet tag so that one knows what the cleaning options are. Off the top of my head the options can be:
none - for no water
shower - for hand held ones
combined - for integrated japanese style
bucket - self explanatory

But what to use for tags? toilet:wash?


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toilets:wash=* seems appropriate.

IMHO, the “integrated Japanese style” might as well be toilets:wash=washlet tag, per Wikipedia.

Again, Wikipedia suggests bidet (saved everyone a click: taps with a small sink) is slightly different than the usual bidet shower. I guess fancier toilet amenities might offer these kind of bidets (with sinks) rather than the usual bidet showers.

But then again, toilets:wash=shower gets the job done. For those special ones, might be toilets:wash=bidet.

Buckets? I reckon cistern (toilets:wash=cistern) might better fit the description for something like this. In short:

  • toilets:wash=cistern (with a water container)

  • toilets:wash=shower (the usual, ordinary cleaning option)

  • toilets:wash=bidet (for special sinks)

  • toilets:wash=washlet (Japanese-style)

Clarifying: I use the tag toilets:handwashing=yes/no to indicate a sink with faucet(s) where one can wash hands but I assume you’re talking about the spray hose for, in Wikipedia’s words, “genital and anal cleansing”, right?

I don’t believe those small spray attachments found in most Thai toilets should be tagged the same as an actual bidet. It’s not a big deal to me either way.

You might gain some insights into a tagging scheme on the Tagging mailing list. (You might also end up with many opposing viewpoints and no clear conclusion.)


Actually, that’s what we’re discussing.

As already mebtioned, the base key should be toilets.

I personally never saw a bidet in any toilet accessible to the public.

What I frequently saw is what I guess was called in this thread Japanese style. Foe clarification here is a Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_bidet