Water bottlers

Nirab Pudasaini asked on talk-np:
„I am not sure if such features exist outside of Nepal but we have plants
who filter water and bottle them into 5 liter and 1 liter jars and sell
them. Such facility only sells water and nothing else. The selling is done
to both retailers and end consumers where the retailers are usually
convenience store and supermarkets.

Any idea on how such features need to be tagged in OSM?“

My proposal :
shop=beverages (rendered) or better shop=water (but not rendered)
additionally :
drink:water=retail (since sold in bottles)

amrit karmacharya answered on talk-np :
„man_made = water_works suits the purpose.“

Citation of the wiki :
„Water works is a place where drinking water is found and applied to the local waterpipes network.“
„If the plant is not inside an already tagged area of landuse=industrial and if it serves many households also add landuse=industrial. „

So for me it is clear that man_made=water_works is false.