Warning on StreetComplete note links

Hello fellow mappers!

I had lately issue where I could not open photo links inside of OSM notes that were inserted to system using StreetComplete. Upon consulting with StreetComplete developers we came to conclusion it was my ISP that is at fault. The ISP is Elisa Eesti AS. For whatever reason they blocked connection at some point to www.westnordost.de where StreetComplete host OSM notes photos. I have written to Elisa and the reply came in the words like “We did not find any issue but we will investigate… blah blah blah…” even after presenting them my evidence of their fault.
Looks like qqqqqq user happened to have such problem recently similarly to me.
So this is just a warning for those who have Elisa Eesti AS or in a case if its some other ISP too that problems have arrised for the photo links inside of OSM notes that were created using StreetComplete application.

Best regards!

Perhaps it’s time for westnordost to ditch IPv4 and move on to IPv6?

nslookup returns following:

Name:    westnordost.de

tracepath bonkers out in DE:

-- 8x ---
 3:  talada-ixr1-lag17.elisa.ee                           13.083ms 
 4:  no reply
 5:  talada-gw1.elisa.ee                                   8.957ms 
 6:                                       9.239ms 
 7:                                       27.443ms asymm  8 
 8:                                      62.342ms asymm 11 
 9:  s-bb2-link.ip.twelve99.net                           27.910ms asymm 12 
10:  hbg-bb2-link.ip.twelve99.net                         33.817ms asymm  9 
11:  ddf-b3-link.ip.twelve99.net                          33.291ms asymm 10 
12:  comtrance-ic-312263.ip.twelve99-cust.net             46.250ms asymm 11 
13:                                       63.311ms asymm 12 
14:  no reply
-- 8x ---

Looks like elisa is using Telia Carrier Arelion to find path to westnordost.de and hbg-b2 router can’t find the route to it. “Interesting” problem to have. How to fix it?

I don’t know and I am not sure transition to IPv6 is also wise thing knowing and hearing all the bad against it still while bigger fishes in the fish are still running IPV4 and even buying up as much as possible IPv4 ranges to even further postpone IPv6 implementation.

Quite a lot of the infrastructure around OSM supports ipv6, but I’m not aware of anything that requires it.

Can you share the bad things about IPv6 that you know about? I’m curious.

“I’m not doing it because I don’t see anyone else doing it” is not really a defense but rather an excuse for laziness IMO.

I do agree that IPv6 comes with own challenges.

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