Walking Tracks (foot traffic only)

Hi Folks,
I have just started using OSM and have an interest in walking tracks so have started ensuring tracks in my state (Tasmania) are all tagged

I am using the following tags (as described here) –

So most foot traffic (only) tracks get the following
• highway=path
• foot=yes
• bicycle=no
• name=

I am also thinking of using

• width= but what are the most common tags for this? 0-500mm, 501-750mm, 751-1000mm?
• surface= but again, what are the usual tags – natural surface, partly constructed, fully constructed, developed, undeveloped? This is much harder as it will change dramatically along the length of the tracks

I would also like to add the Australian Track Standard Classification (AS2156) – class 1, class 2 etc but can’t see a suitable tag - any ideas? To make it even harder some are not classified at all (low level of impact/development) and generally just called routes or pads. Personally I wont be adding these but if others do I want them to be suitably tagged. Any ideas?

Cheers - Phil

Hi Tastrax

We met again!

I have looked at the this issue as well but the only helpful comment I can make is


This option comes up in Polatch 2 and results in the track being … rather than ------ so easier to distinguish from four wheel drive tracks.

Be interested in the more experienced OSM crew comments.