Walking on new paths

I am looking for an algorithm.

I want to start at a certain point in a map, then follow a path on my gps-device, which starts and ends at the same point while always having a distance of about distance. I want to - if possible - always go on new streets. Finally I should have a set of tracks that have every street covered around a starting point while trying to not walk the same street twice.


  1. I get a vector map and start at point Start programmatically.
  2. Then I loop through north, east, south, west and in between with 1° resolution, ie 360°.
  3. In this loop I walk to the first crossing, turn right, to the next, turn right and then aim at Start, finding the closest way to Start using this method.

Here I want inspiration…

Isn’t this just a special case of the Route Inspection Problem / Chinese Postman Problem? The only difference seems to be the distance restriction. But this just affects the initial selection of roads to travel.

I looked at it. No, that’s a different problem. It seems to be the same but it is not.