Wales map missing

Hello !

I have downloaded the routable map for United Kingdom to use it in my Garmin Nuvi Sat Nav .

Everything went smooth, thanks, but under that map I do not have Wales, it ia missing and I really need it, as I live there .

Is there any way to get it there ?

Am i doing something wrong ?


Where did you download the map from? Once we know that, we might be able to give you more assistance.

I can still see Wales in the latest download (if you are talking about
Try clearing your map browsers cache (ctrl G twice in Mapsource or Basecamp) if it is the pc version. If it is on your device, make sure you have removed older versions first.

hi. is downloaded from here .

what folder i need to remove from my device?

it is garmin nuvi 1340 device

Please check your device for map duplicates with

Hi .

Installed the software

maps are not showing at all under it .

all the uk works, i can not change the country to Wales as it is not there

Wales is not a separate country, it is part of the UK map, please zoom in to Wales and it will show up on the map.
If that still does not work for you try another map provider: