Vršac 3D

SRTM + OSM + Landsat

SunCobalt, what you use for terrain generation? What program or script for one of commonly used 3d applications?

It is pretty easy with Global Mapper. First load SRTM height data, then add Landsat aerial and then at the end I have added some road rendering, which I have done with Maperitive.

Could you do that with Fruska gora mountain and Novi Sad?
Can you export it in a file viewable in 3d in some free software?

Експортујеш у KMZ, учиташ у Гугл Ертх и вози како ти воља.

Global Mapper is not able to export it in any other format than as a picture.

Maybe I can add aerial images to Maperitive, which is able to export file in COLLADA (last picture for another region). But I am traveling to Serbia in two days not sure I find the time for it before I return