[Voting] Tagging solar panel trackers

Voting has started for the solar tracker tagging scheme.

Please cast your vote here: Proposal:Solar Panel Trackers - OpenStreetMap Wiki


Just for forum awareness, saw in passing a week or so ago the new new new tagging schema for generator:solar:tracking ‘approved’, per taginfo this one [skyrocketing to 84K entries] (generator:solar:tracking | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo) and the old nose diving. Incorporated this into me custom presets for solar panel and farm and got greeted by a validation message that power and generator on one farm area is not kosher, but ignored.


edit: Maybe someone can explain the difference between horizontal v horizontal_tilted for the single_axis assembly. Never seen one that’s not fixed angle tilted, no different to the non-heliostatic fix position panels.