Voting precinct shapes

Does anyone either have or know where one would go to get shapefiles for voting precincts? Should I go sniffing around with the supervisors of elections or with county GIS teams or perhaps some other data source that I haven’t even thought of? Any help would be appreciated.

The reason I’m looking for voting precincts is that the Libertarian Part of Florida is currently gathering up the voting numbers for our candidate in the last election and we want to be able to do data analysis that would involve geospatial data. and I could think of no better place to ask a question regarding gathering resources for such an endeavor than OSM.

National Committee for an Effective Congress (NCEC) made national GIS dataset with the precincts, but I can’t locate it.

GIS data of the precincts is variable by Florida county, most of those can be found following trails via
The boundaries are probably public record - you might have to call / write / email the County Elections Supervisor to get a paper copy, then digitize that - if you need help, let me know. I’ve imported images into Inkscape, traced them, then exported to some format that qGIS (or your GIS of choice) understands, then georeferenced and moved the vertex using some sort of WMS service (like the National Map).


Clarification - I meant “use Inkscape” if for isntance, you get a document scan as a PDF file - from there you can open it up and trace it in Inkscape to get some preliminary boundary vectors the export the image, or save as DXF (vectors) and open that in qGIS for rubbersheeting / adding, editing and re-projecting the vectors, etc.