[Voting] Feature proposal - Line arrangements

Dear all,

The vote is now open on the Line arrangements proposal

Several significant points about this proposal:

  • It’s the third episode of a work started in 2018 about lines properties
  • It’s only about visible knowledge, useful for free fly safety, operators maintenance with open source software and 3d modeling
  • The same tagging is available for overhead and underground situations, with appropriate guidelines
  • The proposal is available in three languages as of the beginning of its vote.
  • Proposed tagging is suitable for clothes lines (as always)

Votes are expected until next July 5th.

Best regards

Dear all,

The vote is now over on this proposal. It was approved with 11 yes and 2 no, among 16 votes.
Post vote cleanup will be done in coming days. Thank you to 16 people involved.

It completes existing tool set to describe power, telecom, whatever wires configuration on their supports.

Despite many examples shown line_arrangement used on power towers, proposed key isn’t restricted to power. A namespace is not really relevant here, as the key is suitable for telecommunication wires as well. The same as line_attachment and line_management reviewed a few months ago.

Several comments pointed out this proposal would be too much for OSM.
It’s pretty hard to deal with that, what is and is there ever a limit for details we intend to add to existing features?
As visible property, both for overhead lines (permanently) and underground ones (during works), it is verifiable and useful knowledge to collect.

Have a nice weekend