[Voting] Feature Proposal - Extended playground equipment

Hey all,

voting has started for the proposal on extended playground equipment that adds more device values for playground tagging:



The wiki page is impressively detailed and well-written. It’s a joy to read and clearly shows the amount of effort that was put into it.

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@Supaplex030 , I have only one comment. I’m not certain, but it might be best to refrain from taking pictures with children on the playground. There are some photo examples where children are shown in close-ups.


There are two “public” pictures from Wikimedia Commons from 2005 and 2007 (also used in Wikipedia articles) – here I think it is up to the photographer or publisher to respect the personal rights. Two other photos show blurred/covered faces (this is how I personally do it when people cannot be avoided in photos).


I’m happy to announce that the extended playground equipment proposal has been approved with 51 votes for, 0 votes against and 0 abstentions. The new playground devices have already been integrated into the list in the wiki. A few things will follow, especially single pages or wikidata objects for devices to support presets in editors.