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Discourse includes a voting system which is not so light (see example below) :

  • In favor
  • Against
  • Blank vote

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Comments can be posted as any other post in the topic, which may be enough to explain your vote.

I voted “blank” because I have no idea what’s the vote about :wink:


We can use as answers for example, yes, no (explain why below), abstain. But is a simple voting system as it seems. Maybe somebody else knows how we can get more settings/options

You can choose single choice or multiple choices, that’s all but I think it’s enough is most cases.

As a voter, you can change your vote, and cancel it too, until voting is closed (manually).

In its current iteration this poll cannot replace the voting process on the wiki. The current process forces contributors to consider their reasons for abstaining or rejecting and to summarize them along with their vote. For the purposes of the proposal process this is a valuable point, because the reasons for rejecting a proposal can also be used to amend and improve its next iteration. Voting is also not anonymous.

That does not mean Discourse cannot be used to move the tagging voting process here¹ and make it more accessible, but it would need a plugin (Discourse can be extended with plugins), possibly a custom one.

1: Provided that there is enough support in the community to consider that move.

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Discourse polls have some additional settings that are described here:

One could only vote on the wiki.

Discourse vote could be public :

Vote could be closed automatically at a given date (In this case, it is not possible to reopen it).

Yes, there’s an option to show who voted (it’s also documented on the documentation page linked by @nukeador), so that requirement is fulfilled.

Adding comments directly to a vote would probably require a (custom?) plugin. Alternatively we could ask people to leave the reason for their vote as a post in the thread. It would remain to be seen how well that works in practice.



And/or discuss the proposal, before voting

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This sounds to me, like a great idea! I, like others here, am not convinced by the limitation that a comment can not be submitted along with the post–many votes on the wiki don’t have comments and those who wish to comment can do so below the tagging proposal.

Seems to me this would be a great way to do votes on tagging proposals! Surely we would get more engagement here than the archaic wiki way of voting.