voor/pour Brussel / Bruxelles mappers

Mapinfo →

bijvoorbeeld/par exemple → http://ici.brussels/1082-Rue+de+Dilbeek+196

avec/met ;
JOSM AGIV airfoto 10 cm
JOSM AGIV airfoto 10 cm inzoom
I must say, it is an aerial view from 2013-2015 , so, ‘rather old’, but good at some area’s where there is ‘need’ for some ‘zooming’ →

Because of OSM devs don’t want to ‘do anything’ about Belgium ‘multiple-streetnames’, is it not better (especially in Brussels), to name streets (in French and Flemish) separated with a slash(/) , instead of a dash(-) ?
Because some streetnames have already a dash → https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/17506275#map=18/50.86137/4.45976

the separator is actually “space dash space”
and if want to see only Dutch, German or French names, place use the tiles from the OSM BE community

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