Visualizing post history, likes and post versions

Is there a way to see previous versions of posts (in case they have been edited)? What about comments like likes, are they referring to a specific version? Imagine someone writes something you agree to, you add a like, and then they change their contribution to the opposite, will your like remain or will it be reset?

It’s possible it’s only visible to admins but when I go to a post like Getting ready to welcome support users and topics that has been edited there is an icon next to the post date/age at the top right which I can click to see the edit history.

I believe it would be better to have this visible for everyone by default, like in the wiki, but with a possibility for admins to hide certain versions (e.g. because they are against the guidelines, are spam or are otherwise problematic from a legal point of view).
Maybe the problem of user reactions (like etc.) referring to different versions than the current, could be solved by notifying the people that have reacted, when the post they have reacted to is modified, so that they can decide whether to keep their reaction or retract it.

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Are you saying it’s not visible to you? I was only speculating that it might be limited to admins…

We appear to have public history turned on already:


my bad, you are right I can see the edit history. What I cannot see is when a reaction was added, i.e. which version it applies to.