My norton just found a virus in map uninstall.
Norton says it’s the Trojan.Gen.X virus…

Gedownload bestand uninstall.exe
Naam van bedreiging: Trojan.Gen.X


Any idea?

Probably a false positive warning. You can ignore it or download the Mac version, that one does not need the installer/uninstaller.
See the FAQ:

It’s a false positive. But if you want to be sure, upload the uninstall.exe to virustotal: which will check it against many virusscanners.

Symantec Endpoint Protection also found this virus in three “uninstall.exe” files on my computer today. (Un?)fortunately, Symantec deleted the file and I am not able to check it as suggested above. These three uninstall files were downloaded to my computer in September 2013, and March and May 2014.

Symantec probably quarantined the file. You should be able to find it using the Symantec user interface.