virtual mapping party for Ashkelon, Israel / Let's do it!

Hi OSM People,

If we don’t have onsite mapping parties. How about virtual one?

I would prefer Ashkelon for our first virtual visit as this city is quite big and the mapping a bit poor.
The Bing sat images are detailed and there are not that many clouds on the images.

**So who is willing to help mapping Ashkelon more detailed?
If you are… lets do it!

That’s a cool idea.

Maybe we could also have a “real” mapping party, so we could add GPS tracks to help align BING imagery with the real world, and fill some features which aren’t visible in BING.
e.g. footways in parks, synagogues, shops, etc.

I’m sure we could benefit from such a meeting.
How about the week of 20-24/Feb?
Who’s free when?


I just couldn’t wait to start :slight_smile: hehe
I’m not available for a real meeting but as you can see in the south I have started fixing mistakes and adding streets that are clearly visible in bing.

Of course we would need local help to get this area mapped correctly.
The question is who will attend ?

I like the idea!
So we can first map all the visible ways from bing and then have a real party to fill in at least the street names. From my experience, having a printed map of untagged ways on spot (I can produce these easily with e.g. Maperitive, or WalkingPapers) helps a lot.

As to the location, Ashdod is also a good candidate, actually it might be a bit easier to get there.

If Ashdod or Ashkelon is a decigion of the users.
I just think one of both cities should be taken, as both of them need mapping help in the same way.

In the near future I could attend Ashdod physical party to fill in the missing information.

Count me in

If we just need to align the bing maps. I think we can use tracks recorded by runners in the area.
A good example for Ashdod is these tracks from Garmin Connect:Link To Garmin Connect Runs In Ashdod

I don’t think it’s a license problem since we are not copying or tracing tracks just using it to align.


Hi hesher,

Can you check the buildings near to kwisch 4 that i created in ashkelon.
I mapped them with several very detailed tracks in ashdod that are already in the map.

As i suggested before we should also create some big buildings in ashkelon for bing adjustment.

The point is that it’s just an excuse for a meeting.
Each would go around for an hour, recording features and tracks, and then we’ll all meet at a cafe.



so we decided on Ashdod in the week of 20-24/Feb?
@Talkat: Please continue with that by a new posting (as I will not be able to attend)

So everybody is welcome to add new ways with the help on Bing to Ashdod.

I just checked ashdod regarding good gps tracks and it was not that easy. There are several buildings and streets created that are in my opinion done without a bing fix.

I would like to suggest (like in another posting) to use some buildings as orientation that I have created after following a lot of gps tracks.

Here is the buildings that are in my opinion very accurate and should be a kind of bing fix if you use them:

So I have started to map Ashdod already. Everybody is welcome to help.
Mainly I’m focused to map the big territary streets in both oneways correctly. The most of the roads are very clear visible and can be mapped easy with the help of Bing.