village name not editable via Potlatch 0.8a


I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I’ve a problem with the german village Mecklar:

As you can see, there’s “Meklar” (wrong) and “Mecklar” (correct, see Wikipedia) shown on the map. I’m not sure where the “Meklar” comes from, maybe it’s meant to be a train station? It is correct, that there’s an old train station in Mecklar but it is out of order. However, I’m not sure how to correct (or delete?) the “Meklar”…

What would be the right way to solve this problem?


The “Meklar” comes from a node which is part of the road.

I guess potlatch doesn’t show that the node is tagged because it is part of a road.

You can safely change the ‘name’ tag value to ‘Necklar’. Perhaps adding a ‘note’ tag in which you state why you’ve changed the name but that isn’t necessary at all.

it’s the first time I’ve seen that a road point represents village information…


Yeah me too but I can’t say that it is wrong to put it there though. You can check who put the name tag there by looking at it’s history in Potlatch.