View OSM in Garmin Basecamp

I have download 3 maps which I like to view in basecamp. (Austria, Croatia, Slovakia)

I have installed the files (standard location - I have not changed any parameter):
C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable new(AUT)
C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable new(HRV)
C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable new(SVN)

When I open Base camp I can only see one OSM. I can not switch between the maps!!
Under the Maps menu I only have two options:

  • Global Map
  • OSM generic routable

early (1 year back and another computer) that worked fine …

Am I doing something wrong - what should I do ?? :confused:


Please use the Garmin Maps forum

The Questions and Answers forum is about OSM itself, not its use on Garmin.

you have to give every file a separate name and File Identification (FID). The program javawa can be used to do this.

Depends which maps you have downloaded:
a) predefined countries or
b) the countries selected with manual tile selection

If you have downloaded a) and installed them then you should see them separately.

I use A)

Normally I use A) pre defined countries

I have just made a new “test”.

  • I have removed all OSM from C:\Garmin\Maps
  • donwload new file from “” - this time Denmark. Map Type: Generic Routable.
  • Installed the files
  • Files were installed: Placed in folder: C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM Generic Routable(DNK)
  • when opening Basecape there were no Generic routable maps

Why can’t I see this - what do I do wring :-()


I’m starting to have a picture of what might be wrong …
If I download pre-defected countries from the website (Eg. Denmark) - the files are in a folder with (DNK) in the folder name. (C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM Generic Routable(DNK))
If I select against a few map elements, they will get a folder without “country code” (C:\Garmin\Maps\OSM generic routable) - these items can I see in Basecamp. !!!

I have no clue what you are doing. You just should run the installer. Don’t copy tiles manually, that does not make sense.
Please install Javawa GMTK, run it and check for errors in the installation.

You can copy files manually, but only on the garmin folder of an USB Stick or on a folder on the computer, which behaves like an usb Stick. (I use the program imdisk to create a folder on the pc which behaves like an USB Stick)

That is only valid for the maps that are generated for the gps (so called gmapsupp.img image files).
Poulv has downloaded the windows installation version. These maps need to be registered into the windows registry, moving maps manually with a file manager does not make sense because the windows register needs to be updated too. This you can fix with tools like Javawa GMTK or MapsetToolkit. Please check for errors with those tools. Other possibility is to download the Mac/Gmap version instead (also usable for Windows) and install it with GMTK. These maps don’t use the windows register and are not affected by the Basecamp 4.7.0 bug.