View Garmin trace


Is there anyway to view a gpx trace from a Garmin on Openstreetmap without going into edit mode?

I did a trace on the place yesterday and wanted to see the path it took. I’ve tried putting it into Google Earth, but that now prompts me to view the product to be able to view the trace, and I’m not that bothered - just vaguely interested in the route we took

The journey was from Southern Ireland to London, so it’s not that long



You can see your trace using MapSource (free software from Garmin) and load both your GPX and OpenStreetMap maps. QLandkarte is another option but both require you to download and install software…

Thanks, Lambertus. Just what I needed

Hmm, is that an ironical answer? :confused:

Don’t be :slight_smile:

What you suggested was just what I needed

Thanks again

Mike does it on a Google Map, and I believe the author is considering using Mapstraction so that OSM is an option.

(Funny - I can now log into the forum with Safari but no longer with Firefox! But hey, I prefer it that way :slight_smile: )

That’s great!

Works for me with FF2, FF3 and IE everytime…