Video to Mapillary

Is there a tool to feed Mapillary from video file?

I have seen this tutorial, but I really can’t spend so much time after every ride with camera.

It would be GREAT to have a tool (software or maybe page) that would just take video and GPX and then:

  • allow to adjust time (offset between GPS time and camera time)
  • extract a frame for every 50 meters or so (possibly selecting frames that are not blurred from movement), automatically adding time of frame in exif and direction from GPX (may require setting camera direction relative to car/bike), optionally aligning GPS position to road.
    *upload the extracted images to Mapillary

That should not be VERY hard to code, as there is no image recognition (except for deciding if the image is blurred, that can be replaced by extracting a few neighbouring frames for each position and letting the user choose…).

There are additional options that could be added later, when someone is able to write image analysis software:

  • support for helmet cameras, detecting and discarding frames where the user looks sideways,
  • comparing the video with gpx and setting offset automatically according to turns,
  • detecting some traffic signs and setting speed limits on OSM respectively,
  • detecting information tables and adjusting town boundaries accordingly,
  • and, most probably, many more.

Oh, and one more option, that does NOT require image analysis:

If there are already some images of the road, it could suggest riding it with different relative camera direction, then extract images at exactly the same places, that prevous images. After a few rides we could have a 360 view in these points.

I’m working on this wiki to find the best workflows for all things Mapillary so hopefully soon we will have a better video upload process for cameras that don’t have built in GPS.

The manual uploader for video files will keep getting better and better so stay tuned.

None, I just wanted to start… I’m usually riding with camera “just in case” for some time, and I wanted to make some additional use of this.

Ok understood.

Are you using a GoPro or similar action camera?
I’ll get started on the best workflow for general needs soon.

Yup. Veho Muvi K2.

Ok thanks.

Mapillary can handle videos too:

Wow. This I will surely try out. So interesting, wow. :wink:

Strange thing, I could not google it. Maybe because I really didn’t want to upload a video itself, but rather automatically extract frames and upload them, so I avoided phrase “upload video” while searching…

OK, so I have tried. I have uploaded a video on Thursday and four on Friday, all with apropriate gpx files. Everything went OK, but I can see no sign they are uploaded. Not even some “one video uploaded and in processing”, nothing. Is this normal? How long it takes to process a video?

Hi rmikke,

Did you receive any emails at the account you signed up with? Their should be an email notification to inform you they are being processed and again when processing has been complete.

I have only received an email for a changeset I requested for someone else’s track.

Oooookay, so I uploaded a video Thursday night, bit my nails for two days, as there was not a single sign that a video has been uploaded, the YES!!!
I got an email, that my PHOTO is uploaded!!! Yay!!!

Of course I have had to check, how does it look. Well, not too well. Only first frame of the video is uploaded and it is placed at the end of gps track, not at the beginning. Surely not the outcome I have expected.

This is the link to what has been uploaded:

Hi rmikke,

I just saw your issue with uploading sequences from video captured with the Veho Muvi K2.
I’ve posted an issue for it here: You can subscribe for updates.

The computer vision team will have to calibrate the camera. In terms of the GPS, how are you recording your GPS tracks?

Garmin GPSMap 60 CSx, and I have already posted an issue on it. On Garmin GPX files in general, I believe.