vicmaps for victoria.

Apparently vicmaps is allowing their data to be entered into the OSM maps for victoria. Anyone who would like to do things such as add street names and building numbers into the map can go to and zoom down to local level of the map area of interest and transcribe the relevant data from there.

Anyone in other states might approach their public mapping offices to see if their data can be used for the same kind of purpose.

Much of Victorian spatial data is now available as CC3.

Includes all the national park boundaries, properties, address points, roads etc.

I’m not familiar with the current OSM licensing, has there been any discussion on using data.vic spatial data?


Looks like they have already granted explicit permission to use the data under an open license like the open database license

Would love to see this data make its way in. Right now the geocoding in nominatim for victoria is pretty weak.

Hi all

There is an AUS mailing list that you can subscribe to: It has quite a bit more traffic than the forum and there was just a discussion on the vicmap data.



This is what we are missing. Are there plans to make this process automated?