Vespucci offsets

I’m struggling with offsets in Vespucci. I don’t know if it uses its own offset database or is compatible with JOSM? When I click download it says there are no offsets stored within 10km. When I try to store an offset it fails with ‘ Trust anchor for certification path not found.’ Does anyone know how to deal with that?

Also, I was wondering if there are any tips for setting offsets in Vespucci as I can’t pan about to zoom in on different areas so often end up messing up what I’m halfway through setting when trying to pinch zoom from one place to another.


Both JOSM and Vespucci use the same third party service

Seems as if they have a problem with their SSL certificate, as a workaround you could try setting the URL in the Advanced Preferences / Server settings / Offset server to the none-SSL Version (http instead of https).

You can’t pan in the aligning mode for obvious reasons (because panning sets the offset), so you would need to exit, pan to where ever else you want to add an offset then restart the process. Potentially this could be tweaked a bit, but needs some thought.