Vespucci master - User reports


Yesterday was mapping party day with Vespucci. I used the r773:

Only one bug found:

  • when opening main menu with device’s menu button instead of software button in the top right corner, the menu is displayed correctly but choosing any entry which should display a submenu (i.e. data transfer, tools) closes main menu without opening submenu.

I didn’t find out what the “auto download” activated in r771 is. May I have more explanation on this feature?

That doesn’t sound as if it is a vespucci bug, but I’ll have a look at it.

0.9.5 is currently as far as way from being a release candidate that I can imagine :slight_smile:

Anyway, the auto download feature can be turned on by enabling “follow” GPS and then enabling "Auto Download*, both in the GPS menu. The version that is currently online seems to be stable in that it doesn’t crash with the feature enabled (but I would still save often), however the algorithm for calculating the next area to download is still very iffy.

The feaure will simply download a pre-determined size area roughly around your position or rather where you are heading, it kicks in when your speed drops below 6km/h and the basic idea is that you can walk along a road and already have the data around you downloaded. If this really works depends a lot on the speed of your Internet connection and phone.


Well, the title was maybe a bit optimistic :slight_smile: I renamed the thread to prevent any confusion

I’ve built the r775 and still no “Auto Download” option in GPS menu. Is there any buildtime parameter to add in order to activate this experimental feature?

Are you sure that you are actually downloading and building the 0.9.5 branch?