Vespucci: How to undo changes (before uploading)?

How can I selectively undo local changes in Vespucci to prevent uploading wrong data?

In the introduction section of the Vespucci help ( ), I can read that “Vespucci has a good “undo/redo” system so don’t be afraid of experimenting on your device, however please do not upload and save pure test data.”

But until now, I could not figure out how to use it, despite thoroughly searching and googling for it.

Either this functionality is too obvious or too hidden for a newbie like me to see it.

Can someone give me a hint?

Before uploading, the local changeset (or list of changesets) is presented in a read-only manner. I’d like to open such a changeset list in “edit mode” to double-check every item and remove single items if I want to delete then.

Maybe that dialog, before uploading, would be a good (additional) place to allow the removal of single items from the change list selectively (and hereby improving the data quality of contributors):

Long press on the undo icon will show all checkpoints, note currently we use a checkpoint system so you can rollback all changes to a certain point in time and re-apply them, you can’t apply/re-apply individual changes currently (not that it isn’t possible but it would require checking if later changes depend on earlier ones).