Vespucci App. What is the correct way to create a bridge over an existing road?

For Vespucci developers and experienced users of the app.
I have had some problems creating a bridge over a road. What would be the appropriate steps to separate the section of road that I want to convert into a bridge?
What are the steps followed by you?

  1. Select road

  2. create additional nodes at desired split locations

  3. split way

  4. edit tags of new section

(I can make steps more detailed if you want, in such case please comment)
(also, Vespucci has quite extensive manual - maybe there is an answer there?)

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The answer depends on if there are already nodes at the desired location or not.

  1. add nodes at the ends of the bridge if they don’t exist
  2. select the way if it isn’t already
  3. select “Extract segment” from the menu
  4. click on the segment and select the bridge (or tunnel) button
  5. save the modified tags.

As the name of the function says it will create a new way between the two nodes and add tags to it.