Vespucci 0.9.5 Release

Vespucci 0.9.5 has progressed so far that it makes sense, if you have time, to install and test the current build:


● Auto download
● Added function to add node at current GPS position (visible in the long press menu).
● Fast address tags adding with prototype house number prediction
● Split action bar on newer phones and more top bar buttons on tablets
● Import and upload of GPS tracks
● On device help.
● Basic conflict resolution
● Substantially better icons for on map display
● Standard JOSM preset extended to include further object categories
● Remove unnecessary and unneeded tags automatically
● JOSM compatible OSM file reading and saving ( for now requires a file explorer or similar to select files for reading)
● Refactored relation code should reduce memory footprint and improve performance
● Support for external sources of GPS information (for example RTKLIB)

and naturally lots of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Thank you, testing the update now.

Just a link to Simon’s recent diary posting about 0.9.5 beta from August 1st 2014:

I just updated both the beta

and the release version

with versions that fixes a nasty (and pre-0.9) issue with undo in path creation mode.

I would strongly suggest updating, the version on the play store may take some time to be replaced.

IMHO there is currently not really a reason to remain with 0.9.4, 0.9.5 is easily the most stable version of vespucci to date even taking in to account that it hasn’t seen as much action as 0.9.4.


The version available on google drive is a release candidate for 0.9.5. If no major issues turn up I expect only updates to the translations before release.

Note: some will know that I originally intended to include an opening hours editor in this release and have in fact done a major part of the work to make it a reality. Unluckily the opening hours specification makes a can of worms look like an orderly marching brigade in comparision and including a finished implementation would have meant delaying this update with lots of improvements for at least a further month.


0.9.5 has been released and should available on the google play store already or in the immediate future.

Release directory on google drive