Various types of trains

We have various railway systems here in New York.
Any suggestions for noting that the station I just added is a subway station, not a long-distance railway station?

For standard railways, they should be mapped as a way, tagged as railway=rail.
Whereas subways should be a way tagged as railway=subway. There’s also railway=light_rail and railway=tram for other types.

For mapping stations, add a node to the railway line way, and tag it as railway=station (for any type of railway). There’s also railway=tram_stop and railway=halt for smaller stations.

You can also map the subway entrances separately to the station with railway=subway_entrance

Most of this is explained on the wiki:

Presumably he wants to tag the railway=station as a subway station. Otherwise it may look like there are duplicates; for instance in Washington DC you have Union Station for intercity and commuter trains, and a separate Union Station subway station.

Hmmm. I can not tag it both subway and subway_entrance, so I have just put in railway=subway.
See it here.

I think I’ve fixed it now, have a look and check its in about the right place and name etc.
The railway=subway tag should be on the subway line. The railway=station should be a node on that line where the train actually stops. The entrances can be mapped separately, and tagged as railway=subway_entrance