Vandalism in Ushuaia

my spanish is too bad to express the issue, so I write in english.

I recently went by bicycle to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego and currently do some “OSM Homework”. I noticed, that user
did some vandalism in Ushuaia (or was really unlucky with his edits). I commented all three changesets, but did not revert. No changeset added usefull information/data. Each broke something. I guess the motivation is the upcoming G20 event, see changeset notes. Watch out this area for further OSM-Vandalism.

Best Regards from Germany, were Nutella costs a fraction of the argentinian price

Gracias por avisar, revertí sus ediciones.

The German johnny, this is not a very german nick hahaha. Thanks for writing in our forum and for the warning, you could have reverted these changes by your self as well, anyway we will have a look to it

You are welcome to our country and keep in mind, wir haben bessere sachen als Nutella, hahahaha
I do prefere a steak :laughing:

ops Agusqui already did