Vandalism in Odessa Oblast / Вандализм в Одесской области

I think there’s ongoing vandalism in Odessa Oblast. Someone is massively deleting data there. Most notably streets, forests, agricultural and living areas. Check out Велика Михайлівка / Великая Михайловка in Odessa oblast for example. Since lower zoom levels get rendered less regularly, you will immediately see what I mean. Nearly half of the city’s streets were recently deleted, as well as surrounding forests and acres. I cannot see a valid reason why this data was deleted.

Can someone please check this user’s edits?
It might be him, who is deleting the data.

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How could such massive deletion be done using web interface?

It seems he’s reverted his own changeset:
which is huge.
Import maybe? I don’t know.

I delete it and draw again in greater accuracy, it is’nt vandalism. Also there are a lot of errors and inaccuracies .

Well, maybe it’s better to delete only that you will immediately recreate. :wink: Otherwise, there’s a risk that you lose interest and then there’s a lot of map data being lost.

Delete and repdraw is not a best practice. You need avoid delete data because when we delete feature we delete all its changes history. To keep the history of a features we have to use “replace geometry” in JOSM. We remove only invalid and false information, all other information we are trying to fix.

Dear MaturiOn, it’s nice joke, about interese) But, I know it and delete in one time, only, small part of streets (not transit). Forests, agricultural and living areas I repaint too, but it’s long work):smiley:

Super Senior Member, they do not contain useful information.

Well, lets see does Evhenio contain more useful information than at previous attempt. :wink:

Да, это трудный. :wink:

can you please introduce yourself?
Forum settings say you are from Germany, but your heat map says you map a lot in Odessa region.
Do you use some unknown sources to map villages including street names(changeset 24952396, changeset 24952953)? How can you map street names assuming you don’t speak Ukrainian and Russian?
Do you know Lithuanian, Armenian, Georgian, Yiddish well to set corresponding name:**-tags for Odessa node? Why its Lithuanian name different to name:lt on relation of Odessa and wikipedia?

Dudka, да, я немец. Я говорю по-русски и я тоже немного понимаю украинский язык. Но я говорю на английском лучше чем на русском. Поэтому я буду писать на английском языке.

In 2014, I spent a lot of time in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Moldova/Pridnestrovie due to various reasons. I took photos of street signs specifically for adding the names to OSM. Of course I also used satellite images to draw streets, areas, etc. I can understand Russian quite good, although I actively speak it not too well. Still, I’m working on that. As for Ukrainian, I at least understand it to some degree, especially in its written form. Street names / POI names are not too complex at all. As I speak Russian much better than Ukrainian, I sometimes only added Russian names, assuming that OSM is an open project and someone would add an Ukrainian translation sooner or later anyway.

OSM’s web editor has some sort of auto translation when an object is linked to Wikipedia. That’s how I added Armenian, Georgian and other names. As for Yiddish, yes, I can read it. Not a big deal when your native language is German and you have some interest in Judaism.

I thought my contributions to OSM’s Ukraine map were useful, if they are not, I will of course stop editing there.