Vandalism in Delft

it looks as if a user (VvM1995) has deleted hundreds of ways and nodes in Delft/Netherlands (changeset 34157334).
This is the only changeset of that user and he/she gave no comment in the subject.
From what I know these ways/nodes still exist, thus i assume it’s vandalism.

Can someone tell me how to undo these changes or undo these changes for me?

Thanks for the help

This changeset ( is more than a year old.
Do you have any idea which type of data was removed ? Are you sure that the deleted data is still missing ?

From a quick look it appears that some editing has been done on the Jaffa cemetery in Delft.

I do not know if in the meantime corrections have been made, bu a reversion of the changeset after a year will not work I guess.

My first opinion is that the damage occurred is rather limited. Possibly a local can overlook the situation and repair when required.

The deleted ways are mainly the paths in the Jaffa cemetary.
The paths are recovered.

Also in the area are a lot of editing errors that need to be looked at. It’s mainly repeated errors and warnings for the micro-mapping that was taken to the extreme in the TUD area.

Hello escade, Martin Borsje and Sander H,
thank you, from what I can see, it looks, as if most of the removed paths are back again. I’ll check for the missing paths.
@ Sander H: Can I check for these errors with, or do you use another tool?