Vandalism at Alakurtti

Excuse me for writing in English.
Could someone please take a look at changeset 120142324 and probably other actions from the same account? It looks like brutal vandalism.
Thanks in advance!

(machine translation:)

Извините, что пишу на английском.
Не мог бы кто-нибудь взглянуть на changeset 120142324 и, возможно, другие действия с того же аккаунта? Это выглядит как грубый вандализм.
Заранее спасибо!

I had reported this to the Data Working Group, too, and just now I got a reply that it was an accident, that the contributor was already in touch with the DWG, and that solution / repair is being worked on.

Kindest regards from far-away Belgium,

thanks for your attentiveness :slight_smile:
I also sent the letter to dwg

It seems to have been repaired now. Thanks, Data Working Group!