Vandalism and Reverts

Following old tradition on osm forum, let’s have a dedicated topic to report vandalism and ask for reverts.

Please report here any detected vandalism / unapproved bulk edits or imports. This is a good place to ask for help with fixing or reverting.

On 2022-09-07 User kalimia added again 300+ kindergarden in Beer-Sheva with wrong amenity tag and without prior discussion of import. Changeset 125919743

Previously similar imports were discussed on the old forum and all of the were reverted:

Rather than reporting & talking about it here, report it to the DWG who can do something about it! :grinning:

Email to together with example changeset/s & an explanation about what the problem is. It also helps if you’ve spoken to the culprit previously as well.

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I believe this is not a case of vandalism, but rather a mistake by a novice user. The user has contacted the local community about this bulk edit, but the received guidance did lead to a perfect result.

In changeset 131174916 I have corrected the mistakes:

  1. Replace the Hebrew tag "amenity"="גן ילדים" with the standard English tag "amenity"="kindergarten"
  2. Remove the unnecessary tags "lat" and "lon"
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A thread dedicated to reverts was very useful in the old forum.

As we can see, the first issue was not a clear case of vandalism and OSM is better off with fixing it rather than reverting it.


Hakdoshim Forest is currently an invalid multi-polygon. There are a few inner members that are outside of any outer member. Their outer member was deleted, probably by mistake, in changeset 114368745.

There were 27 edits to this relation that significantly reduced it area.
The earliest version available on Overpass-Turbo is dated 2012-03-30T18:45:07Z:

The latest is this:

I would like to restore the earliest version available of the multi-polygon. If the restore from the original import would not be possible, then I’d like to restore from the earliest version available on Overpass-Turbo. After the restore, I’d like to remove any overlapping landuse=forest areas that may have been created by past split edits.

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