Validator warning "Relation disconnected"

Hi, could somebody please help me with JOSM’s “relation disconnected” warning? It appeared on this pt relation although I suspect it might be caused by one of the road relations used. Anyway, I don’t really know what it means and I wasn’t able to find out. I even searched for “disconnected” in the source code of the Relation Checker and of the Mapcss.

Loaded into JOSM, the one thing I see is at the northern end a platform which is tagged as part of the route so making both the stop and the platform a member, technically a gap. JOSM doesn’t though give me any PT warnings moving some nodes around.

Usually the error appears when you have downloaded only a section in JOSM and the relation goes beyond that. So if in your example you have downloaded only the area of the city center of Halmstad, but the relation extends to Hyltebruk, then the relation contains ways that are not downloaded and thus the relation is incomplete at least in JOSM.
To exclude this, you could download the entire relation including all members. See also:

In that case, where I loaded the full route, I get the ‘incomplete’ during validation when I haven’t. Usually do than switch to edit of the affected relation and hit the download button. Don’t rely on the rest of relation being OK, at least not me.


Thank you for your ideas! About the platform as a way, I think that is that is a different matter, as it only causes a minor yellow warning. But looking into the affected relations as you suggested did the trick: downloaded it (and only it) with elements. The error is also there - probably rightly so, because the order of the elements is one big chaos.