Valid OSM Way id displays "No place with that OSM ID found"

Be informed, we have downloaded a country’s extract using overpass and imported into our tables. The columns include OSM_id, OSM_Wayid, place, address, highway, aeroway. As you you, we can use OSM Wayid to extract other information from api including longitude and latitude. So we proceeded using the nominatim api to get address details using the OSM ID. Though its working on some, there are many valid OSM Way id which does not work and instea displays No place with OSM Id found" like the one given hereunder:

We like to know as why this is happening.

That way doesn’t have any address or name information, so Nominatim has ignored it. I expect it will be the same with the others you mentioned.

Yes, I do feel the same way you do.

Please be aware that we imported data from an extract that we downloaded via Overpass into our tables. Place, address, highway, and aeroway are among the columns along with OSM id and OSM Wayid. Like you, we can utilise OSM Wayid to get other data from the api, including longitude and latitude. In order to obtain address information using the OSM ID, we therefore continued. Despite some instances where it functions, many genuine OSM Way ids appear instead of functioning. I couldn’t find a location with OSM like the one below.