Vacccum error

Hi All ,
when i was executing this command : osm2pgsql --slim -v -d gis /home/ahmed/GreatLakes.osm.gz

i had obtained this error :
failed: ERREUR: VACUUM ne peut pas être exécuté à partir d’une fonction ou d’une chaîne
contenant plusieurs commandes ( VACUUM cannot be executed from a function or from a chain containing several commands)
Error occurred, cleaning up.

I had disabled the parameter autocavcum in the file postgresql.conf but i still have the same error.
Can you help me please .
My system configuration :
ubunto 8.04 - Hardy Heron ( kernel 2.6.24-23-generic)
the osm2pgsql version is : 0.08.20071007-1
the version of postgresql is 8.3.7
Thanks .

As mentioned on the mailing list: you’re using a very old version of osm2pgsql with a new version of postgresql. You need to upgrade to a recent osm2pgsql.

The old one probably doesn’t know --slim either.

Thanks , but can you give me the link to this new version of osm2pgsql .
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t know where the Windows .exe version would be, but the above link has the source. You can compile it on your average linux box.

Hi Ldp,
Can you please tell me how to install osm2pgsql because I had downloaded the files and made : $make but i had obtained an error.

Please tell us what the error was, if you use debian/ubuntu you should be able to do write “apt-get build-dep” to make make work.

Hi all,
Can you tell me please what is the complete procedure to install the new version of osm2pgsql ? what i should do ; must i download the file from the web address and then compiling by make, or is there any other solution .( i m a beginner in the world of unix)
Regards :slight_smile:

Usually you check out the osm2pgsql directory with SVN.

svn co

Then go in there, and type make. Lots of things could go wrong. You could be missing development libraries, or even a compiler. You’d have to paste actual output if we’re to help you.

PS: I also read that you’re on mapnik 0.4.0; it’s very hard to still work with such old versions. You really want to upgrade to some newer stuff.

Thank you very much , I have resolved the problem.