UTM Coordinate system

Can support UTM Co ordinate system be implemented into OSM?

UTM is a projection that can be used when taking the lat/lon data in OSM and creating a map image. Most renderers I’ve seen on line don’t use a UTM projection but there is no reason why they can’t. I’ve created trail maps using a UTM projection with both NAD27 CONUS and WGS84 datums from OSM data.

So, yes UTM is supported by OSM. What I think you are really asking is for a readily available map renderer to use a UTM projection instead of what the projections more commonly used on the web. This is not really an OSM question but a question for the people making the map images you desire to use.

Question sounds not clear enough to give any single answer, while multiple answers, based on guessing, would be endless.
What do you call “OSM”? Original database, derived map image, some editor and so on?