Using with Oracle OBIEE 11g

I’m looking for a map to integrate with Oracle OBIEE 11g. Has anyone used this product for that?

I have no experience of this. But these links apparently lead you to information about doing it.

Oracle OBIEE wasn’t called that when I last used it a (which was a very long time ago, and I didn’t use it much even then). Essentially Oracle’s “map” stuff is/was designed to do what Leaflet and Openlayers do, but to be honest I’m sure it’d be far easier to extract the data you want out of BI, use Leaflet to handle all the “map display” stuff and display that over the top of a basemap of your choice as a web page or part of one and then display that back in BI if you want to.

If you’ve got a team familiar with Oracle 11 maps you could take an alternative approach of extracting the data that you want from OSM, feeding Oracle 11 with that and then displaying as “normal” in Oracle 11 maps.

If you do start combining OSM data with other data then do watch out for licence implications. See and the links from it.

Sorry that this isn’t much help, but my experience of Oracle 11 was all a very long time ago and I’ve been trying to avoid it ever since…