Using the Openstreetmap in expo react native project without API key

Hi guys,
I have a problem using OpenStreetMap in my expo react native Android app. There isn’t any free way and also I don’t have the possibility to get a Google API key. Is there any additional way to use the map in my project without any money? I mean I want to have a map for routing and highlighting some areas in my project, is there any free library to help me or is there any way to use OpenStreetMap for free?

What exactly are you trying to do? doesn’t have API keys (but also doesn’t offer service guarantees and shouldn’t be used for heavy commercial use). Companies that provide services using OSM data may do.


Hi Richard,
Thank you for your response.

I am trying to use a map in my react native application. I know OpenStreetMap doesn’t need any API key. But when I want to use it in my app there isn’t any library to work with OpenStreetMap. all of them are working with Google Maps so they need Google API key. For more information, I need a package or a way to use the open street map in my React native application.

OpenStreetMap is really just a big pile of data. Any representations that you see of it (such as the maps at and elsewhere) are created by different people or groups of people. They’ll typically extract from raw OSM data, create something that their app can access, and then use that.

Lots of people have asked the same sort of question as you - see here, here, here. See also here, here and many more.

Which is the best answer for you depends entirely on what you want to do - “a map” can mean many different things. If you can provide more details, people may be able to help.

This might be your easiest option for simple map display:

Other functions like routing and geocoding (placename search) will require their own solutions. OSM itself doesn’t provide a does-everything API (as @SomeoneElse says, OSM is just a big pile of data) but there are companies who will do that - often for a fee, but servers do cost money to run.

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