Using publicly available government maps


  • Merano Municipality: Aerial Photos, Topographic shapes
  • Storo Municipality: cadastrial datas
    some other municipality i can’t recall at the moment

Regional Authorities:

  • Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region: Autorization to import all the information from the authorities catalogue (excepting the aerial photos)
  • Veneto Region: same as Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Lombardia Region: same as above

National Authorities:

try to give a look at:

I believe that the administrative boundaries are defined by the Ministry of Interior.

They have a GIS system where one can see all the boundaries (mehozot + local):

Some screenshots produced from this system:

What do you guys think, will such data be useful to us?


The Mehozot could be used as admin boundaries.
But if we could get their data as a source, then we could get recognition, and then get lots of other data.
And then the sky is the limit…


I found a list of people who participated in a committee for creating

So I emailed almost everybody on that list (see the leftmost tab in the spreadsheet). Hopefully some of them will respond and be willing to share.


Good news, folks.

A guy from Keren Kayemet LeIsrayel responded with the following.

דמיטרי שלום רב,

קק"ל הינה מוסד לאומי ללא כוונות רווח. אנו קולטים ומעדכנים שכבות מידע בתחומי הייעור, הסביבה והמים.

כגוף לאומי אנו רואים את עצמנו מחויבים לספק מידע לציבור באופן חפשי ופתוח.

באופן עקרוני, נשמח לשתף פעולה ולתת נתונים. עם זאת, כיוון שיש לנושא היבטים שונים, ארצה להיפגש איתכם על מנת לעמוד על אופי הפרוייקט, סוגי המידע, יישומים והשלכות אפשריות. ייתכן ואף ישנם נושאים פוטנציאליים נוספים לשיתוף פעולה עתידי.

ישראל טאובר
מנהל המחלקה לניהול יער מידע וממ"ג

Let’s meet with them. It is better that at least the people from this forum who are best familiar with the project should participate. talkat?


This is the GIS system of KKL

Cool!!! :slight_smile:

Given enough notice, I can make it almost any day.

KKL are very bike friendly. They’re doing all sorts of stuff in the forests with various communities.
e.g. the TLV JM Bike Route, which we already have mapped here or here or better here :slight_smile:
You can send him these links, so he could have an idea…


Amazing! I wish I could participate.

But I’m way too far from Israel currently :frowning:

We would like to have a powerpoint presentation about OSM to show to KKL (and hopefully others in the future)

I have found a pretty detailed one here:
but it’s from 2 years ago, and it would be nice to have something more recent.

Any pointers?


Update: the Ministry of Interior also expressed interest, we are going to meet with them soon as well.


I’d also like to participate, but can’t commit… Please post the schedule here, and let me know if I can help preparing.

It was scheduled for next week.
I’ll contact you offline with more details.



here some more presentations that could be useful:

Mr Israel

Here is another one:

The meeting at the Ministry of Interior went well (talkat, you did a great job!), and here is their short summary (translated):

I would say, more than we could hope for :slight_smile:

Expect further developments soon.



Seems like you guys did a great job.

Excellent job dimka and talkat, I’m also very surprised they are really willing to cooperate, I hope it’s not just stalling (“let’s be positive and buy time to check things up”), you know.

Two questions if I may: 1) what data can we expect? 2) when?

Well done,

Superware - nothing specific so far. Some of (hopefully, most of) the government organizations have no interest to withhold the data to themselves.

Speaking of which: another organization which expressed interest is Teva (החברה להגנת הטבע). Probably there will be a meeting with them soon. In particular, they produce the well-known hiking maps. And that makes it interesting. For one, they probably regard OSM as a threat. But, I believe it can also be an opportunity. Consider these maps (Mapot Simun Shvilim). Today they take the basic layer from somewhere else (Israel Survey, to be precise), and they add to it the trails layer which is managed by them. Now this has serious limitations. For one, they probably have to pay for the basic layer. Second, they cannot make maps in other languages. By using OSM data and their own map-making technology they would be able to overcome these difficulties. At the price of opening up their data. I think we should convince them that the quality of OSM data will eventually surpass theirs. Therefore, it will be wise for them to start getting into OSM sooner than later.

By the way, how do you think OSM compares to Mapot Simun Shvilim? I think in terms of the number of trails OSM is better, but a lot of metadata is missing (trail color, difficulty etc.)

Maybe we should prepare for the meeting a custom-made map with all the trails colored, including Israel National Trail (some kind of a “state of the art”)? Any particular area in mind?


Nice! is a registered “voluntary association”, and is not-for-profit. I believe the price of their maps covers the cost of their print and maintenance of the data, but I don’t know for sure.

Having their data would be nothing short of GREAT :slight_smile:

Suggested area - Tel Dan national reserve -
Whoever did it talkat did a great job :slight_smile:

Thanks you! (Blush… :slight_smile: )