Using planet.osm

I created my first garmin .img file yesterday using mkgmap. I used JOSM to download the area I’ve been mapping in Reykjavik for this first test, and I’m happy to say it worked perfectly. Now I want to try my hands at larger areas. I will be traveling to Denmark and Sweden next week, and would like to try to create an .img file for all of Scandinavia to take with me. This is obviously to large an area to download and save via JOSM, so I went ahead and downloaded planet.osm … and that’s where I got stuck.

I can’t seem to find any simple way to extract specific areas from planet.osm. I’m sure there are some clever tools available, but so far I have been unable to locate them.

I run Ubuntu 6.10 and would prefer to do this on that platform, but I do have access to a windows box if that is needed.

Best regards,
Þórir Már

Hello Thorir, welcome! Good to see you’ve come that far already… seems like OSM has gained another contributor.

There are some tools to extract data from the planet file in the SVN repository. The OSM-extract utility is what you’re looking for, as it can extract a certain portion of the world. It is written in Perl so it should work fine on your Linux box.

When you made a map for the garmin 60CSx with mkgmap, do you then just have to rename the 6xxxxxxx.img file to gmapsupp.img?

Is there also a way to view the map first in Mapsource?


Afaik, nope.

Hello Lambertus, thanks for the quick reply.

I’m afraid I need some more help with this script. When I try to run the script I get the following:

Is this even the correct way to run the script? I’m sure I need to add some arguments to it (like the location of the planet.osm, and what area I desire to extract). How do I do this?

Sorry, never used any of those scripts (I should though…). Anyway, there is a wiki page about excerpt-area.

You might also be interested in:

If those links don’t help you then your best bet is to contact the talk mailing list or the IRC channel.