Using OSM on Garmin Nuvi 200


After several hours scouring the Net for solutions, I’ve finally gotten it to work.

Set up: You want to put an OSM file you’ve made, with the file name “gmapsupp.img”, onto your Garmin Nuvi 200

Guides say:

Use a web service that creates merged map tiles. These are called “gmapsupp.img”

On an SD card, or on the unit itself, create the root folder “Garmin” (if it doesn’t exist), and place “gmapsupp.img” within “Garmin”

On the unit, go to Tools>Settings>Maps and select your new map

Enjoy nice maps

However, this didn’t work for me. I finally solved it, though!

Step 2 above is only partially right. On the SD card, the folder and file should be all caps. Meaning, the folder name should be “GARMIN”, and the filename should be “GMAPSUPP”. Izi Pizi once you know it.

I hope this helps someone!=)

By the way, I didn’t know that my GPS could show such beautiful maps!=D