Using OSM data to build an interactive map

Hi, I only have been using this platform, but I am still confused on how to use the data. I wanna build an interactive map in python displaying only businesses. The only thing I could conjure up is road networks. How would I accomplish this?

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Welcome to the forum.

It would help if you described how you accomplished this, sharing at least the libraries you used and some code would also be good. Your question is too broad to give good suggestions.


This is my code:

import osmnx as ox

G = ox.graph.graph_from_point((35.6762, 139.6503), dist=1000)

I was looking at the documentation and there were no tags for buildings or amenities, so is this function only for roads?

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Hi @feedmeIamAbunny,

maybe you want to use the feature module instead to get your POIs.

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How would I graph a geodataframe?

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You can use osmnx.plot.plot_footprints to visualize a GeoDataFrame.

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Ok it works now thanks!