using OSM data in QGIS

hi all,

How would I use OSM data in QGIS I am trying to use the “add WMS Layer” plugin, it needs a web address to access the data.



We have no WMS layer, JRA (poke poke) knows how to setup one with mapserver. But you will need to do this on your own.

ok no wms, but can you download the maps as geotiffs or with a world file so they will still be georeferenced in a GIS?

I am trying to use it as a base map and I will add in all the missing data within our study area as we do field visits.

I know of no such place where you can download GeoTiffs, the export function doesn’t include any geographical reference data as far as I know (haven’t checked just assuming, since you only get one file). Now it would not require massive amount of technical knowledge to generate a jpeg world file + a mapnik dump.

A fast way would be to download shapefiles from, read them in as vectors and do some styling with QGIS. The result might be quite usable. In addition, you can save the styles to UMN MapServer mapfile and start delivering OSM data through WMS yourself :slight_smile:

doh… (feels stupid)