Using openstreetmap in my Spatial Database Project.

Hey all! I want to integrate the openstreetmap with my mysql database. So that i can use the spatial queries to retrieve info from the database. I basically intend to use openstreetmap as a front-end. A small region in the map will do. Since i m new to this, i dont know how to integrate it. Please Help.

Have a look at and in general.

Get familiar what OSM data consist of and how to handle them in the existing database solutions.

Come back here if you need help in detail. Tell us examples where you get stuck.

Can you please explain it in detail. As in what am i supposed to do. I am very new to the whole thing. I am not getting how will i use the OpenStreetMap in my database and give my spatial queries. I am only familiar with the Spatial Queries in MySQL. But the front-end, that is, the map part, i m uncertain of. How should i make the use of OSM for my front-end.

Since i am doing it for the first time…the spatial thing that is , i have no idea about the terminology as well…:expressionless: Kindly help me :expressionless: I just want the general flow of events that i should go through…as in first import a .osm file into the database…then do something…then something…how to do it will be the second step…

I cant visualize the first step itself :frowning:

I searched the internet for “MySQL and osm”…very limited resources…that too not very clear…